Just want to take a look? Or interested in SurayeSwipe just to be social and meet new people with your friends on Meetups?

No problem…

Secret Mode allows you to look at profiles privately without being seen.  You can look around and only make your profile public in Dating if and when you are ready.

And while in Secret Mode you may still lead or join your friends in a group for a Meetup or post or respond to a Meetup as an individual.

But all Meetups are public and your profile is visible in any Meetup postings while active and to all individuals in your Meetup matches.

But you remain private as long as you do not have a Meetup posting, and your profile is never shown in Dating while in Secret Mode.  Any Dating matches you may have before entering Secret Mode remain active so that you may continue to chat and your profile remains visible to these Dating matches.
But that’s it.  Otherwise, you’re invisible…  So why not try it and take a look around?