Sometimes it’s easier to meet new people in groups.  Or a great way to get to know someone new is to attend an event together over a shared interest.  And when we are traveling, whether by yourself or with friends and family, if there are other Suraye around, it’s nice to connect across the diaspora.  Now you can with SurayeSwipe Meetups!

Meetups may be whatever you want. Groups or individuals may mix and match for a social gathering that you arrange.

Individuals or groups up to four may post their interest in a meetup, and then other individuals or groups up to four people may respond to the post with an invitation to meetup.  Groups may be all guys, all girls, or mixed, but all groups are managed by a group leader who may post meetups, make invitations, and accept invitations to meetup on behalf of the group.  So when the invitation is accepted, a meetup match is made that includes two to eight people and everyone may chat together in a group chat to start to get to know one another and make plans for the meetup.

It’s a totally new way to meet Suraye in a relaxed and casual environment!  You can make it as creative as you want to meetup with new people in all sorts of fun and interesting ways.

Meet Suraye when traveling!

Just make a meetup post in advance of your planned travel, or even post last minute after you’ve already arrived, and then interested locals may invite you to meetup. You may plan to visit a specific region or multiple regions in one continent.

Or use the traveling meetup filter to search for currently posted meetups in the location of your planned travel to connect with people in advance. This feature may also be used in real time for a spontaneous meetup when you are in a new city. You never know…

So whether traveling by yourself or with friends, meet new Suraye when traveling.

How cool is that?!