T’is the season to be jolly, so we just made SurayeSwipe a lot nicer…

By December 11, 2017SurayeSwipe Life

Alright, we’ve been listening and here are the changes we’ve made to SurayeSwipe in response to your feedback:

  • New membership structure

We now have a single membership with all the features of our old premium membership.  This means once you are a member, everyone sees your full profile, and better yet, anyone can respond to your chat messages.  👏

So now if you send a message or two and it’s been a while without a response, it’s not because the person is a free guest and can’t respond.  Now they can.  So on to the next one. 👋

  • Lower prices, more 💛

While we cannot make the app completely free, we have reduced our prices for our membership on the app to $10 for 1 month and $25 for 3 months.  You can find even lower prices by purchasing on our website: $8 for 1 month and $20 for 3 months.

When considering our past premium features are now standard in our updated single membership level, these new prices reflect a greater than 50% reduction in prices on the app, and almost 50% off on the web, for the same features.

So for the cost of a drink you might buy when going out to meet new people, we give you another way to meet and chat with Suraye near you and all over the world. 🌎

We hope you see the value in what we’re offering.  And now with our membership feature changes, as long as just one person in a match is a member, then both users, including free guest users, get privileges. 😎

  • Trial membership for new users

Now all new users will get to use the app as a member for the first three days.  This means that when you are first exploring the app, you get to experience key features, including viewing full profiles and filtering by geographical region.

  • More functionality for free guest users

Now with our changes in membership, not only will free guest users get to see the full profiles of all members, guest users will always be able to respond to messages.  In fact, if a free guest user matches with a member, a free guest user can even begin the conversation.⚡️

  • New user instructions

New users will now get a brief tutorial as they see their first potential matches.  Current users can always access the instructions anytime in the Menu.

  • Local time on chat

We now use your local time to timestamp your chat messages.  🕰

  • Potential matches released daily at 6 pm 🕕

Now that the app uses your local time, we had to set a time for when your five swipes would reset.  We thought it made more sense to release the cards in the evening.  Not only are you less distracted by the bigger tasks of the day come 6 pm, but now SurayeSwipe becomes something fun to look forward to as your day winds down.

But don’t worry, if your evening is busy and you don’t get a chance to swipe, you can log on the next day before 6 pm and still have your same swipes waiting.  And even better, you will still get another 5 swipes reset at 6 pm.  🎉

Ho! Ho! Ho!  🎁  🎄

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